Cocos2D-X free Sprite Sheet Packer, GIMP plugin

This is a small python plugin for GIMP to convert Layers into plist files. It is nice because you can use GIMP to edit sprites and then pack them with this simple Packer plugin. All you need to do is download and extract the files to your gimp plugins folder.
It uses a very simple algorithm to pack the sprites/layers but it is a free sprite sheet packer.


  • Python 2.7+
  • gimpfu python library (usually installed with gimp but if any problem comes up check this first)


  • Tested with gimp 2.8 ubuntu and windows
  • To install the plugin put the python script(s) under your gimp plug-ins directory(probably is a hidden folder named .gimp-2.8 under your home/User folder) and start gimp
  • make sure the scripts are executable (linux only, chmod +x)


Simple Packing

  1. Create a blank image in gimp
  2. Drag your sprite images to gimp, all of them will be imported as layers
  3. Go to Myscripts pack layers, then save the gimp file as xfc(Ctrl+S)
  4. Then go to MyScripts and select plist

Animations plist

  • To export your layers as animations you have to follow a simple rule
  • Lets say I want to create a walking animation for a character and call it walk
  • Name your layers involved in walk animation as walk1, walk2, walk3…
  • Layer names shouldn’t contain ‘.’ character or any metachars
  • All steps from Packing apply here except instead selecting Plist select Plist animation

Download Link: plug-ins

Thats all, source code is below if interested. There is room for improvement feel free to extend it in anyway.


Pack Layers

I wrote also a small plugin to also pack your layers here you go

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