Libgdx tutorial beginner Part 9 – Game Over

Finally the last chapter, or maybe not 🙂 I may add more chapters after this but this is the regular game. Lets add the game over screen and get it over.

Nothing really new other than gameoverscreen, enjoy your finished game

  • Alfredoc


    awesome, neat, efficient,… thanks a lot. this is such a great tutorial!

    incredibly interesting 🙂

    thanks a lot for creating such useful material!!

  • Ghandhikus

    That’s not tutorial. That’s code example without code indentation and comments.

    • metin

      maybe but people find it helpful 🙂
      and if you don’t have a question or something productive to say I’ll ask you to not comment thx
      but yeah for some reason my posts with java code have no indent anymore, guess it is the plugin thx for pointing out

  • turgay

    selam metin. belki Türk’ sündür diye böyle yazdım.
    libgdx ile program yazmaya yeni başladım. önerilerini ve bir yol haritası rica ediyorum senden.
    eğer türkçe biliyorsan ve geri dönüş yaparsan sevinirim.

    • metin

      selam turgay, evet turkum. yeni basladiysan kucuk bir oyun yapmaya bak ama basladigini bitir. ondan sonra o yaptigin oyunu gelistir yada baska bir tane yap. online bir suru ornek var libgdx icin. bende orneklerden yola cikarak yaziyorum.

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