Libgdx platformer game

Here is the final result of libgdx platfomer tutorial, it was pretty easy to deploy it, if you have any questions just ask.
Press TAB to focus on the game frame, move with arrow keys and jump with space

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  • Me

    I finally finished my first libgdx game, but I have two questions for the finish of the game.

    The first is: How can I share high scores in facebook in the desktop project?
    I fixed the problem in the android project, but in the desktop project I do not Know if (“”); is sufficient

    and the second is: I want to make animations as user guide to show users how to use the game, since users are small children, but I have no idea on how I can do it, if i should use Animations to do a demo ,or create vedio.And thnx a lot.

  • metin

    Glad you finished your game, always happy to hear finished projects 🙂
    First: you can use libgdx standard httprequest to send/receive data, here is an example how to send/receive json but can be anything other than json.

    Second: for animations I recommend, it has a little learning curve but it makes creating animations much easier. check the html5 demo and its source code.
    you just have to add the jar file and configure you gradle build file. I will be posting examples about it in the near future.

  • Lobo

    I finish your tutorial and is really good!
    Everything work like a charm. =)
    Is really a good tutorial for improve knowledge of libGDX, thanks.

    • metin

      congrats 😀

  • freeaks

    that’s a nice tutorial !
    i wanted to ask, can you make an archive of it?
    a zip file, one could uncompress and be ready to import it in eclipse, with assets and all.

  • Francisco

    Muy buen tutorial. Gracias.

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