Cocos2D-X Platformer tutorial Part 9 – Enemies

Here are some enemies, if you touch any enemy you die and start at the beginning, it is pretty simple actually the sprite class has everything you will need.

New Stuff:

  • loadEnemies – just like the name says, load and set defaults for enemies
  • Download the new resources here
  • Check for enemy collisions in updateScene

7 responses to “Cocos2D-X Platformer tutorial Part 9 – Enemies”

  1. phrk says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It’s been a while but are you planning on continuing?

    Cheers, phrk

    • metin says:

      thanks for solving the bug, I would continue if I had the time. But this serie covers almost all the basics. Next you could do a top down game or isometric view or maybe 3d if you are feeling ambitious. I will add one more part for bullets in the future.

  2. strider says:

    Başkan eline sağlık.

  3. Jason' Krot says:

    Hy, can you reupload the resource zip please? 🙂

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