Logstash replace null values

Here is how to overwrite null values with a ruby filter. It is pretty handy if want some meaningful values […]

Spring JPA Insert Update Batch

Here is a small example how you can do an insert/update batch using spring configured JPA. Make sure you have […]

JMeter Maven Plugin Pass Parameters

We all nee to do a headless test with JMeter at some point. JMeter maven plugin lets us easily integrate […]

DB2 JDBC Insert Update Batch

After wasting few hours finally got it working through jdbc, for some reason if you give the parameters to insert […]

HTML5 IndexedDB tutorial

This post will be an example rather than tutorial. I don’t know why but it seems people just can’t post […]

Java Pos Thermal Printer Example

Here it is, usb pos thermal printer solution. It is purely in java. The only condition is that your printer […]

Libgdx tutorial beginner Part 10 – Android Black Screen

As I was thinking on adding new features, I realised that when I press the menu button on android the […]

Cocos2D-X Platformer tutorial Part 10 – Refactor Player

To fix the stuttering issue and making the code cleaner we are going to refactor the Player class. Instead of […]

DB2 get nth row

Here is how you can get the nth row from a table in ibm db2. Will show you 2 options, […]

Cocod2D-X Distribute Desktop Application

I am working on a small project in cocos2d-x. I wanted to send the app to my friend so he […]

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